Autumn 2020

We have had a lovely visit to the lodge this week.  It has been a strange year with the CoronaVirus situation and although we have lost numerous bookings, we have managed to accept some bookings from a few visitors after the first Lockdown finished in July.  We have been able to do some decorating and renovation work this week, in addition to some nice walks in Appledore, Croyde and Barnstaple.  One thing that Covid 19 has taught us is to ensure we have daily exercise and enjoy our surroundings, wherever we are.

We hope to be able to visit the lodge again soon and look forward to more positive times ahead, when this awful virus has been eradicated and we can return to a more normal life.  It will be lovely to know that more people are able to enjoy the lodge and site again and hope for a return to proper holidays in 2021, when families can enjoy getting together and socialise properly at cafes, restaurants and bars. 

Best wishes and stay safe,

Andy and Joanne